The Waiting Game!

Covid has brought unexpected times for many.  In the midst of it all, there are sparks of joy and moments to celebrate.  Here at the Stimson homestead we are in full forward motion to help bring some of that joy to your home.  Bulldog puppies continue to be born along with some baby bunnies and geese.  The noises of all the animals remind us of the  "new life" that continues in the midst of uncertainty.  

Some have treasured their time at home, others look forward to a more normal day of going back to work.  Either way pools, trampolines, bikes, helmets, formerly toilet paper and rubbing alcohol continue to be at a premium.  We did not forsee that puppies would be among these items.  In fact, for the first time in February we sold every puppy and had the nursery empty.  We thought perfect timing with covid shutdown.  So we put our focus and efforts toward updating the nursery, painting the floor, cleaning and re-organizing.  Just a few things we hadn't gotten to.  But low and behold, we found puppies to be a desire of many during this time.  They truly do bring a sense of joy to many over the years and continue to do so.  We find our own joy with having puppies around that aid in elevating the mood and reducing the stress.  

So we came up with a plan to help as best as we could for our customers and those of you who would love to have one of these pups in your home.  We have created a wait list and praying for puppies to be born for each of you to have your dream companion.  The bulldog continues to be one of the most friendly, loyal, laid back family dogs and ours look forward to meeting you soon.


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