Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the temperament of an English Bulldog like?
    The English bulldog breed is known for having a more laid back, easy-going personality. They are lower maintenance as far as needing to be exercised and going for walks. Some individual dogs will be more active and athletic and enjoy more exercise, while many others will be your true 'couch potato' type. The majority of English bulldogs react to new situations with lower anxiety and adapt more easily than many other breeds. Sweet is a word Jon commonly uses when describing many of our bulldogs. They are often very interactive and 'all about' their people.
  2. How do English Bulldogs do with children?
    They are sensitive and seem aware that children are little people that they want to treat with more care and kindness. Time and again we have seen a bully be drawn to the little people that come and visit. A bulldog puppy that goes home with a family that has young children will be very happy to have young friends to tussle and snuggle with.
  3. Should I get a male or female?
    The gender of your pet is usually a personal preference. With English Bulldogs, the male will typically be a little more bully looking with a bigger, wider head, neck, and chest. Our experience tells us that each gender has a wide range of personality that dictates their temperament more than whether they are a male or female. Stereotyping bulldogs by their gender is not particularly accurate.
  4. I have a female dog in the house now. Shall I get a male or a female?
    Typically the best combination is male/female. The next best combination would be male/male. The female/female combination would probably come in third. BUT, the individual personality of each bulldog will be more influential than the typical gender stereotype.
  5. How much do you ask for your puppies?
    Here at Stimson Bulldogs, we are currently asking $2500 to $2800 for a puppy whose American Kennel Club (AKC) registration will be limited...which means if you were to breed your bulldog when it is an adult, you would not be able to register the litter with the AKC. We are asking an additional $400 if you would like to have the option to breed your dog and register his/her puppies with AKC.
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