About Us

We are a family who lives on a farm in Southwest Iowa. Jon and Jane have four sons who were just young boys when they got involved with bulldogs. All four sons are married now, and Jordan has moved his family back to the farm to become a partner here at Stimson Bulldogs.   As bulldog breeders, we enjoy having our pets as our business.  They provide great therapy daily.

We have been raising English bulldogs for the past thirty-three years, and thoroughly enjoy the breed with its friendly, laid back demeanor, loads of wrinkles and very little barking.
Our adults live in a modern, well designed kennel surrounded by a two acre meadow where they take turns enjoying exercise and fresh air in dog paddocks. Jon and Jordan spend lots of time with them every day and they enjoy the attention. We are State of Iowa and AKC inspected.
The new litters and their mothers live in pens in the specially designed and created 'dog room' in our walk out basement. That way, they are right under our noses and get plenty of attention and personal care.
When the momma bulldogs need a break from their pups, they get to spend time out in an enclosed part of the yard. From our breakfast table, we enjoy watching them tussle and play and watch the donkey, alpacas, roosters, chickens, bunnies, and cats nearby.
Our bulldogs are healthy and well put together. We select our mothers and fathers with an eye to continually improve conformation and health as well as temperament.  We believe we produce many show quality bullies for a reasonable price.   We will be here after you take your pup home if you have any questions.  We represent our pups honestly and have all parents on our place. If you can't come in person, we can describe the pups' build and disposition, and that of their parents, to give you a good idea of what they might be like as they grow.  
We have had lots of happy bulldog owners express delight with their bully in the past thirty+ years. We can send additional email pictures and video clips to help you decide which puppy you would like to purchase.  We have males and females, brindle, white, piebald, solid fawn and more.
Price, Deposit and Waiting List Process
Prices are subject to change, except after a deposit has been placed. We start at $2500 for our pups, which are registered with the American Kennel Club. If you prefer an unlimited AKC registration in the event that you decide to breed your dog and register his/her pups with AKC, we ask an additional $400.   
We have recently added a few rare colored bulldogs to our breeding stock. We ask $2800 for rare colored puppies. 
Standard Color:  $2500 AKC / $2900 Unlimited AKC
Rare Color:         $2800 AKC / $3200 Unlimited AKC
A $500 down-payment will hold a specific pup for you or get you on our waiting list. The deposit is non-refundable. If you are placed on our waiting list, we will contact you when your spot comes up for an available pup. We typically take pictures of pups at 3 to 5 weeks of age before making them available. 
That leaves the remaining balance to be paid before taking your pup home as follows....
Standard Color:  $2000 AKC / $2400 Unlimited AKC
Rare Color:         $2300 AKC / $2700 Unlimited AKC
We accept cash, certified check, credit cards through Paypal (a 3% fee is added to the payment amount), or wire transfer from your bank to ours. Personal checks are allowed only for the downpayment. We require payment in full before you receive your pup.  That means that we don't take payments on a puppy after pickup. Payments before pickup can be arranged.
Air transport options changed a few years ago. The options now include: meeting you at the airport (Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha) where the pup would ride in-cabin with you, and Pet Nanny services where a pet transport company will accompany the pup in-cabin and meet at an agreed upon airport.  We can also work to make arrangements for ground travel.  Price will vary according to where you live. There may be times in the year when we are not able to deliver by ground.


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