As longtime breeders of English Bulldogs, our 30+ years of experience has taught us much about caring for the specific needs of the English Bulldog.  We are thankful and proud of the happy, healthy pups we send into people's loving homes. Our bullies' health is always on our mind and through the years we have looked for ways to improve their health.


With that in mind, we started using both NuVet Plus and NuJoint this year, we have decided that the results speak for themselves. A couple of our older females, Anniee and Effie Lee, have been receiving the NuJoint because of some joint issues in their legs. We have seen improvement in their movement and an overall strengthening. Anniee, our oldest, has also been receiving the Nuvet Plus and her coat has never looked better.


Take a look at the information below, and click on the "Buy Now" button to find even more info, as well as seeing what other products NuVet offers. Consider whether the NuVet supplements might provide a missing link to your dog's overall health. 


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