How To Find Pics of Your Reserved Puppy

After we have received the deposit for the puppy you have picked out and put a downpayment on, that puppy's picture which is the link to his or her page, can be found on either of his/her parents' individual pages if you scroll down below their information.

Bullybabies Growing in the Basement

We have a nice variety of puppies in the dog room downstairs sleeping, eating, growing every day.  We will post pictures in the next day or so.  

In the meantime, you can check out their moms here and on the Dams page in more detail. 

Pairings for these litters go like this:

Zellie and Raphael: 1 Male, 4 Females   Ready to Go:1-15-14

Starr and Red Rock:  2 Males, 4 Females   Ready to Go: 1-16-14

Kamareo and Hamilton: 1 Male  Ready to Go:1-19-14

Quilla and Toby: 1 Female   Ready to Go: 2-1-14

Skye and Niles: 3 Males, 2 Females   Ready to Go: 2-1-14

Bulldogs Have Many Skills

Winston is ready and willing when it comes time to do the dishes after dinner.  Don't you wish all family members were so helpful?

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